Instagram For Marketing In 2022: 6 Tips & Advices For Everyone

Instagram For Marketing In 2022: 6 Tips & Advices For Everyone

The combination of engaging visual content and social network can produce real marketing wonders. But it all depends on the right mix to succeed in marketing.  "Instagram" has that perfect mi

The combination of engaging visual content and social network can produce real marketing wonders. But it all depends on the right mix to succeed in marketing. 

“Instagram” has that perfect mix for everyone looking to promote their offerings.

There is hardly any other platform where I click on advertising posts more often than on Instagram. 

Why Instagram For Marketing?

Instagram is popular, maybe due to the fact that you don’t have to change platforms to look at the content. Also, it can also have something to do with the fact that Instagram is more lifestyle-oriented, especially due to its focus on photos. 

Images of fashion, products, and other lifestyle products integrate more easily than on Twitter or Facebook, where the information content (at least for me) of the posts is in the foreground.

The stats perfectly highlight that Instagram is the social platform with maximum user engagement to strengthen this argument. Studies state that over 80% of the users follow a business profile. 

Most importantly, features like Shoppable Instagram, creative stories, and the highly trending Link in bio on Instagram are gaining popularity among brands, businesses, content creators, influencers, etc.

Instagram For Marketing: 6 Tips & Advices

However, like on any other marketing platform, (potential) customers do not appear by themselves. Therefore, I would like to give a few tips and hints for the ideal Instagram presence.

1. The Perfect Link For Instagram

Instagram does not allow links in posts; you can only place a link on your Instagram bio. This can be the Link to your website, online store, blogs, social profiles, promotions, videos, and many more such options. 

There are perfect Link in bio solutions like LinkSocio that help you create a single link for your bio that works as one Link to your content. 

Having a link in bio solution like LinkSocio can help you magnify your Instagram marketing efforts. The Link in bio makes you leverage the social traffic to your content & digital profiles, generate engagement and boost revenue.

2. Define a “Theme”

Since your profile page shows all posts in a kind of tile view, it is worth developing a general concept for all posts so that they are coordinated in terms of quality, style, and content. 

This can go as far as, for example, specifying a color scheme for your photos or designing three posts in a certain color so that they can be seen in a row in the overview.

Instagram marketing goes a long way when you have a creative and engaging brand theme. Having a general theme gives users a unique, sorted, and seamless way to engage with your content.

3. Don’t Make The ‘Hashtags’ Mistake.

Since Instagram, unlike Twitter, has no character limit, it is tempting to use all of the hashtags that come close to matching. But it is much smarter to conduct an analysis beforehand which keywords/hashtags your target customers are using and looking for to get to the content you offer.

Also, use typical Instagram hashtags if they fit your campaign. For example, for fashion providers, there are terms such as #outfitoftheday, which, when used correctly, brings enormous reach.

Above all, use relevant hashtags or create your own that are easy to find. The rule here is quality instead of quantity.

(If you and your brand have your own hashtag, you can also enter it in your company profile. In general, however, hashtags are not necessary on the profile page)

4. Get Your Game On Point Wisely

Make sure you get the maximum out of what Instagram is offering you as part of their marketing-friendly or, in better words, success-friendly features like stories, posts, design options, profile page, bio, etc. 

So, to get the game on the point, you must get all the juice out of these features to augment your marketing efforts without making financial investments. 

For example – Ironically, in the short bio on the profile page, there is a character limit of 150 characters. Accordingly, you should think carefully about what it says there. Marketing expert Neil Patel suggests sticking to the following formula:

Who are you + what you do + a pinch of personality

5. Community Management Is Must ‘FOREVER’

Ideally, your posts’ comments are positive, but there are always people who post things that could damage your brand. 

However, you can make some settings to automatically “hide” comments that use keywords you have specified (such as insults, competitor names, etc.).

However, I also recommend viewing comments regularly and reacting if necessary. Instagram is not used as much for service requests as Twitter or Facebook, but it can only have a positive effect if you respond directly to questions or customer feedback.

6. Content Quality, Diversity, & Originality

Similar to Twitter and Facebook, there are numerous variations and themes that you can post. It is important that every post must consist of a picture or video. 

So if you write informative, creative, and exciting texts, it is still the picture on Instagram that has to convince the user.

Incidentally, videos are played automatically without sound, so the user has to turn on the sound first. Therefore, it is always a good idea to design videos so that they also make sense “tonelessly” (this should be taken into account, especially with instructions).

Basically, as already mentioned, the images should match your brand. It is also important that they come from you. If you “repost” pictures, you should always inform the author beforehand whether this is allowed and mention the author in the post.


These are the 6 spotlight tips and advices to leverage Instagram for marketing success of your business, brand, content creation, personal accounts, etc. 

So, get started with these strategies to create a strong base on Instagram and Maximize the opportunity to grow traffic, exposure, following, engagement, sales, and most importantly brand success.