Why Instagram is Becoming a Marketing Hub for Brands?

Why Instagram is Becoming a Marketing Hub for Brands?

Isn't it delightful to seek brand recognition through popular faces on Instagram? Have you heard of influencer marketing? Creating catchy visuals and witnessing the rising count of followers is what

Isn’t it delightful to seek brand recognition through popular faces on Instagram? Have you heard of influencer marketing? Creating catchy visuals and witnessing the rising count of followers is what influencers focus on. Let’s find out how this profile could work magic for your business and brand development on social media!

Driving user engagement on Instagram is an art honed by influencers! Instagram was under-rated for quite a few years as just a picture-sharing platform, but soon it captured the markets with its business developing prospects. And a significant chunk of its credit goes to influencer marketing live here. This is a reputed platform to develop a connection with your targeted audiences as millions of users and prospects are just a click away.

Excited to know how you can sell products and develop brands on Instagram? Catch out on some crucial facts below.

Instagram – A Preferred Choice for Brand Marketing?

Do you know that Instagram is now the most extensive social network after Facebook? It is a renowned medium that showcases over 500 million daily Instagram users posting their stories here. 

Dodging Instagram could lead to a significant loss in your business growth. Those inclined towards Instagram marketing have developed a noticeable brand presence that skyrocketed over many years.

A survey suggested that 71% of the business owners in the US prefer Instagram over other marketing mediums. If that’s not enough to believe, here are a few other reasons this is an emerging hub for brand marketing.

  • Instagram owns an active monthly user base of over 1 billion, and there are over 500 million Instagram stories posted daily here.
  • Only in the US, the count of Instagram users is 140M+.
  • An average Instagram user browses the site for almost 53 minutes every day.
  • Around 45% of the Instagram account holders are in the age group of 18-44 Years.
  • Each month, almost 130 million Instagram users indulge in shopping content. This helps brand promotion and creates an authentic platform to start selling.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing for Brand Growth on Instagram

The range of visibility and user engagement that a product can receive on Instagram is commendable. Every business desiring brand visibility can frame marketing strategies and post content that could result in positive outcomes.

Here are the other benefits that Instagram yield for Brands:

1. Instagram Link Stickers

Brands are making more and more use of the swipe-up feature to develop links across their Instagram stories. Instead of relying on the bio, Instagram gives access to this quick feature that helps influencers and brands to add links and directly connect them with the stories. Instagram will take it to the chosen web page, and you can easily share it with thousands of interested users in one go.

2. Many Marketers Are Utilizing Twitter Card Previews

Instagram has also generated prospects for Twitter users by creating post previews that help create appealing content on this platform. Hence, using Twitter cards on Instagram is the latest trend you must follow.

3. Long Instagram Stories

Instagram is Becoming a Marketing Hub for Brands

Initially, Instagram was piled up with 15-second stories or videos that were not promising in brand marketing. With all-new 60 seconds stories, it’s possible to ally music and effects for developing further interest and craze amongst the users.

4. Brand Creators Switch To Instagram

With more and more brands favouring their marketing budgets to Instagram, the creators have developed new tools for brand partnerships and commerce generation online. It is now possible for the creators to participate with the brands of their choice and segregate branding techniques to a dedicated customer base. You can also explore a dedicated section on Instagram that speaks of partnership messages or developing content partnerships.

5. Instagram Affiliate And New Features

This platform has numerous ways to make money in 2021. Its advanced capability of tagging brands or products works as a wonderful affiliate tool that helps explore new products and make a good chunk of commissions from them. Increased purchases could profit both brands and influencer marketers through this exquisite product promotion.

6. Content Reigns Instagram

Content is an imperative part of brand marketing through Instagram. With the help of different marketing tools, you can develop astonishing Instagram content. Perhaps, over-production could diminish its value. All users want to see whether unfiltered and authentic content is posted through influencers or relatable and believable brands. Creating engaging feeds and posts backed with high-quality images can extend higher credibility to the brand.

7. More Insta Stories

People love to binge on popular Instagram stories, and brands can get great benefits from them. Almost 80% of the brands state that the power of stories on product marketing is phenomenal, and creators are bound to seek huge profits from it. insta stories can affect marketing strategy with emoji sliders, polls, and stickers, resulting in better user engagement.

8. Spike In Reels

The short-form content on Instagram or the reels started from August 2020 and picked a considerable pace to capitalize the short form of content uniquely. Adhering to the latest trends is quite possible with reels related to brands that can fetch audience attention with a glance. After all, no one wishes to delve into lengthy content anymore.

9. Influencer Marketing

Instagram is Becoming a Marketing Hub for Brands

This is a new hit as partnering with influencers helps brands reach the targeted customers easily. Brands search out for influencers with a very high follower base so that they can hit the minds of audiences in a single go. People always prefer looking up to choices of real-life people rather than celebrities who can uniquely represent brands.

10. Cause Marketing

Instagram recently came up with another feature of Fundraising marketing. This benefits entities to raise funds for businesses or personal causes. Instagram is running a digital wave to help those in need of funds and combat racial justice for those willing to grow their businesses.

Final Take

Now you are well-versed with the undeniable influence and reachability of the Instagram platform. From a simple photo-sharing app to the hub of brand marketing opportunities, this platform is genuinely stealing the hearts of millions with its unique visual identity in front of the audiences.

Optimizing and fetching maximum benefit with entertaining captions, taglines, hashtags, reels, and stories is possible for brands to nurture, grow and make good worth through Instagram medium. Users sneaking out for high-quality content often opt for this platform, and they can prevail a unique brand identity through this medium. Capture the markets with Instagram power now!

We hope this article about why Instagram is becoming a marketing hub for brands is helpful to you.