Link in Bio for Artists & Celebrities on Instagram: A Complete Guide

Link in Bio for Artists & Celebrities on Instagram: A Complete Guide

Link added in your profile's bio is like the go-to option when you want to create a demand for more revenue or an introduction to your other works. Link in Bio leads the watcher or customer to a new

Link added in your profile’s bio is like the go-to option when you want to create a demand for more revenue or an introduction to your other works. Link in Bio leads the watcher or customer to a new page, where the desired information is displayed. Every artist and celebrity needs to use Link in Bio to promote their arts, products and sponsored brand.

In this article, we have explained how artists and celebrities can make the most out of Instagram Link in Bio?

What is Link in Bio?

The link in the Instagram bio is the URL that takes the visitors to the page where the information required for them is exhibited. Link in Bio serves exactly like the spices for the meals. It engages people in a certain way that the page owner wants them to be. The link in the bio is supportive when it comes to

  • Establishing your new proposals and your offer 
  • Advertising adjacent videos and content that you made 
  • Educational videos or reels on Instagram and TikTok 
  • Or even just increasing traffic to your official website or blog. 

How to Add a Link in Bio? 

Adding up a link in the Instagram bio is as effortless as lifting a feather. The steps are,

  • Open your Instagram account.
  • Click on the icon with your profile picture on the right button.
  • Choose ‘Edit Profile’ that is beneath the bio on your page, below your profile photo.
  • Your ‘Edit Profile’ setting will open, add the link here.
  • Click ‘Save the Changes’ to ensure the link makes its way to your offer page.

How Link in Bio helps Artists & Celebrities to increase revenue?

 Link in Bio for Artists & Celebrities

Imagine you are an artist. You are providing your Instagram fan with a special offer on your recently created art because it was the biggest hit of the year on your page. You announce the novel approach to your followers through stories and posts, how will you direct them toward the buying page?

Or what if you are a business owner and want to launch a new product that is the betterment of your earlier best-served product. You announce the news to your customers, but how will you fly them to the product page?

It’s simple! Please give them the link for purchase or your product on your Instagram account bio.

Let’s see how such a link loots the customers and revenue for your service.

  • By providing a direct link to the viewers, the entry into the page becomes trouble-free. They will not be misguided to any other page and miss on the opportunity. It is a plus to the seller as well as the customer.
  • When you provide a link in bio, the customers reach the purchase page immediately after clicking on it. When it is a one-step process, the customers are drawn to it more as placing their order seems like a moving wind. 
  • Clear representation of your intention and prioritising your current offer target more people toward your page and heighten the chance of making a sale.
  • It is a great way to make an impression on your customers. It doesn’t matter what your field is. Be it an influencer, business owner, small business owner, artist including kinds of music, arts, crafts, etc., sales and marketing person, content writer or creator
  • It is an excellent way, which is costless and attracts more people effortlessly to the sales proposal just in one go.
  • It adds on a decent promotion for your business or sale.
  • When the links are on stories, they get out of the sight of the customers when the story disappears. Thus, having the link in the bio is the best idea.

How can you include more than one link in your Instagram bio?

Though adding your link in the Instagram bio is efficient enough to lure your buyers, it has a few drawbacks. They are relatable to every creator or brand owner on Instagram, who wishes like the alchemists searching for one more ingredient, trying to cook the Elixir of Life. All you wanted was to add multiple links to the bio for a simultaneous sale on your other platform. 

Having got a great deal with a few of your recently introduced products, Instagram doesn’t allow you to link up with more than one. Here is where our LinkSocio comes into play.

LinkSocio is a platform where you can add up your bunch of unlimited links for your Customer fam to go through. The page of LinkSocio holding your handful of links provides you with one simple link to display on your Instagram bio.

Optimise Link in Bio with Linksocio? 

LinkSocio provides a way as smooth as a bed of roses to add your pages of links in your Instagram bio. The steps to optimise your Link in Bio with LinkSocio are, 

  • Open the LinkSocio website in any browser that you use regularly.
  • Choose the respective option to create a new account or sign in to your already existing account in LinkSocio.
  • All your data given to LinkSocio for opening the account is sheerly protected by LinkSocio.
  • Create a customised URL for your links page in which you will have to add all your links.
  • The customised link is now freshly baked to serve your Instagram bio.

Final Words

Anywhere and anyhow, one link is never enough for anyone. Let alone creators, business owners, and artists. LinkSocio is the one-step solution to this problem. LinkSocio provides a great customizable space to create a page updated with all your required links. The resulting page is grand yet is simple to create and utilise its link on any social platform as per your wish. 

You can use LinkSocio for free, click here to sign up!